Introduction of Taiwan to Malaysia Direct Shipping

Delivery Area Price Delivery period
Taiwan direct shipping to Malaysia West Malaysia RM35/kg 3-5 working days
East Malaysia RM45/kg 5-7 working days

Minimum Shipping ; 1kg

Every Tuesday & Friday’s flight

*Delivery period:3-5 working days
*According to the standard air freight algorithm, the air freight received is based on the actual weight or volume weight, depending on which weight is higher.
– Freight will be provided within 1-2 working days after the parcel received by warehouse; Day 3 received.

*Fuel Extra Charge is 30%

 Delivery Guide

(1)The shipping fee will be provided after the parcel arrives at the Taiwan warehouse. (The parcel will be updated inbound within 3 working days, the shipping fee will be provided within 3 working days after the order is placed, and it is expected to be received within 5 working days after payment)

(2)Customers need to add parcels and submit an order to allow the operation department to prepare for customs clearance information.
(3)Customers who use Taiwan direct shipping channel need to pay within 1-2 days after the delivery of fares. If the order is still unpaid after 5 working days, a storage charge of RM10 / parcel will be charged. More than 7 working days will be destroyed by default.
(4)According to the “air freight” standard algorithm, the air freight received is based on “actual weight” or “volume weight”, depending on which weight is higher. The volumetric weight algorithm is (length X width X height) cm/6000= volume
(5)Note: batteries, electronics, liquids, white powder, white liquid goods cannot be transported
*Some goods need to see the volume of transport to determine which channel to use, and customers need to provide detailed product photos and inform the volume of transport, so that customer service can verify the correct transport channel from the airline
(6)Parcel collection fee  will be charged by RM1/parcel if the collection of parcel is 5 parcel and above.
(7)If the customer does not confirm the details of the goods transportation, please consult our customer service first to confirm the correct channel transportation. If the parcel is lost or detained due to customs clearance, our company will not be responsible
(8)Suggested proposed an insurance for the parcel, which has been fully reimbursed if lost; If the insurance is not purchased, the maximum compensation for an order is $50.

(9)The customer can contact our company to ask about Malaysia-Taiwan pre-payment, we will be able to provide you with a reliable Malaysia-Taiwan payment service!

(10)If the parcel does not indicate the MP number, USD5 will be charged as the fee for finding the parcel.

*If cannot provide us any effective message, maybe cannot verify the parcel. (Investigation period will be 15 days only. Overdue will be considered as not received by local warehouse and we will not bare for any compensation)


 Taiwan to Malaysia Direct Shipping Procedure 


Storage Service

Storage Charges Free storage charges (5 days)
more than 5 days RM10/per parcel will be charged
more than 7 days destroyed by default
Example: 1 – 5 days = Free storage charges,6 – 7 days = RM10/per parcel will be charged,7 days = destroyed by default


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 常见问题 FAQ

1. 请问使用台湾直发渠道多久会收货?

2. 请问液体或电子商品能运回马来西亚?

3. 台湾是否有敏感渠道?

4. 顾客需要给运费加进口税吗?

5. 我的包裹在星期六抵达台湾仓库,请问我的包裹几时会到马来西亚?


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